Recent news of the United States’ Federal Communications Commission Order calling for the end of protecting net neutrality raises grave concerns. The future of information sharing globally could be put at risk if net neutrality is no longer protected. Ensuring that intellectual freedom is preserved, and access to information remains equally open to all is crucial to fostering an informed, educated democratic society.

The Order named “Restoring internet freedom” aims to remove the 2015 Open Internet Order clause that requires: transparency (network management practices, performance characteristics, and terms and conditions of services must be made available); and, no unreasonable discrimination (providers cannot discriminate the transmission of lawful network traffic).

“Net neutrality is required to ensure there is equitable access for all, to all types of information on the internet. The removal of Net Neutrality Protection would allow corporations to provide priority services for those willing to pay more, and disenfranchise those without the ability to pay” stated Peter Bailey, CFLA-FCAB Chair. “CFLA-FCAB fully supports the statements put forward by the American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries in encouraging the United States Congress to vote against this Order”.

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB) is the united, national voice of Canada’s library community. Our member associations represent over 10,000 library workers in every province and territory. Our purpose is to advance library excellence in Canada, champion library values and the value of libraries and influence national and international public policy impacting libraries and their communities.

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