CFLA-FCAB advocates on national or international library issues that cross library sectors, or are in the interest of Canadians.

CFLA-FCAB comments on local, provincial, and territorial matters in collaboration with member associations, and where the CFLA-FCAB Board agrees that a national voice is welcome and valuable.

Vote Libraries is our tool for our members and our members’ members to support discussions with candidates and government officials regarding, infrastructure funding, copyright, accessibility, and Indigenous languages.

Pre-Budget Consultations

2020 Pre-Budget Consultation (August 2019)
2019 Pre-Budget Consultation (August 2018)
2018 Pre-Budget Consultation (August 2017)
2017 Pre-Budget Consultation (August 2016)


CFLA Brief on the Reform of the Copyright Board of Canada (September 2017)
Update on Cross-Canada Copyright Consultations (May 2018)

Miscellaneous Briefs and Letters

CFLA-FCAB’s Statement Against the FairPlay Canada Application to Disable On-line Access to Piracy Sites (April 2018)
Letter to the Minister to support the National Heritage Digitization Strategy (September 2017)
Submission on Canadian Content in a Digital World (November 2016)
Submission on Canada’s Consultation on Federal Accessibility Legislation (February 2016)
Brief for Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC) (February 2019)
Brief to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Trade (September 2018)
CLFA Letter to the federal government regarding Charter 2b (January 2024)

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions, comments, or are interested in participating in this effort, please contact us!