OTTAWA, September 4, 2017 — The Canadian Federation of Library Associations – Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques is pleased to announce the creation of the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing and Metadata Standards Committee (CMSC).

The mandate of the CMSC is to effectively steward the Canadian cataloguing and metadata landscape and to continue the important work previously undertaken by the CLA Technical Services Network relating to cataloguing and metadata standards. Work of the CMSC will include such items as making recommendations to the CFLA-FCAB Board for nominations and appointments to the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing (CCC) and the Canadian Committee on Metadata Exchange (CCM);  advise the CFLA-FCAB Board on issues relating to the RDA Toolkit and cataloguing and metadata standards issues; overseeing the development of appropriate position statements and supporting documentation as appropriate.

“I am pleased CFLA-FCAB can build on the important work the Canadian Library Association undertook on behalf of the Canadian library community for so many years” stated Peter Bailey, Chair, CFLA-FCAB Board. “CFLA-FCAB is committed to ensuring that important issues of national significance to our members have continued support and are properly advocated for.”

In addition, the CMSC will work to promote cataloguing and metadata training and continuing education. Membership for the working group will be comprised of individuals representing different Library sectors from across Canada.

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) is the national voice of Canada’s library associations. CFLA-FCAB strives to advance library excellence in Canada, champion library values and the value of libraries and influence national and international public policy impacting libraries and their communities.

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For further information or if you are interested in supporting this initiative:

Christopher Carr
Cataloguing librarian, Concordia University

Emma Cross
Cataloguing librarian, Carleton University

Katherine McColgan
Executive Director