Adopted Guidelines

At the November 14, 2016  Federation Board meetings the Guidelines on Library and Information Services for People with Disabilities and the Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians were adopted and endorsed unanimously.  This guideline will be translated and posted on our Federation’s website over the next month.

The Board plans to present these guideline for endorsement at our first Annual general meeting that will be held in conjunction with OLA in early February 2017.  In preparation for that we are asking for feedback from the Canadian Library community on these statements.  Feedback is requested by December 20, 2016. Comments are to be submitted to Kevin Brennan. Feedback we are seeking on the position statements include:  

  • Suggested improvements to the text. In general, the Board has made only minor changes so we want to ensure the statements are current.
  • We plan to properly credit past networks/committees that were responsible for developing the guidelines. Our intention is to acknowledge the groups that developed these, not individuals, so information about the names of the groups not already listed would be appreciated.
  • In 2017 the Federation Board will be reviewing other statements that were out of date and in need of revision (see the list below).  If you have concerns about the Federation Board not adopting them we would like to hear from you and why.
  • If there are additional currently relevant guidelines please let us know if you think they are important.  We have tried to ensure we have taken a comprehensive approach and want to ensure we have not missed anything.


Guidelines Requiring Further Review

The following guidelines need to be reviewed and updated prior to adoption by the Federation, either because of the time that has elapsed since they were last reviewed. They are posted here for reference, and further information regarding a planned update schedule will be forthcoming.


Older CLA Guidelines and Position Papers are available at the CLA Website