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The Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques is composed of member associations within the Canadian library sector. CFLA-FCAB’s mandate is to provide advocacy support for its members – this includes advocacy with Federal level government agencies, coordination with other national organizations in the sector, and other regional and international players to build capacity for Canadian libraries. CFLA-FCAB works through its 5 strategic committees to contribute knowledge and influence to the Canadian library landscape – Indigenous Matters, Copyright, Metadata and Cataloguing, Intellectual Freedom and Climate Action. 

CFLA-FCAB has recently begun the work of engaging stakeholders to better understand how it can best serve the needs of its members and elevate the profile of CFLA-FCAB’s work in the sector. Communications was identified as a significant area of opportunity, including both how CFLA-FCAB communicates its mandate and progress against its strategic goals, and with respect to communication with members, the broader sector, and between the Board and Strategic Committees. The Board approved the development of a Communications Strategy to identify opportunities to improve communication tactics, and develop a content plan focused on sharing the Federation’s accomplishments. 


The outcomes for a communication strategy include the following: 

  • Ensure the role CFLA-FCAB plays in the Canadian Library sector is clear, differentiated and understood in practical terms by stakeholders. 
  • Identify opportunities to raise CFLA-FCAB’s profile within the sector to support the positioning of its strategic work.
  • Ensure there is a robust communication/content plan to ensure communication to the sector/stakeholders is meaningful, consistent, engaging, timely and efficiently administered. 

A tactical plan will ensure the goals of the communication strategy are achieved

  • Establish regular stakeholder engagement practices beyond what is currently in place to ensure opportunities for collaboration and calibration.

  • Develop regular reporting and communication processes to measure the federation’s success against its strategic plan, the impact of its advocacy work and other initiatives and return of investment. 

Using these tools, CFAB-FCAB will undertake the process of improving its documentation related to communications. This work is out of scope for this project, but the project output should support these objectives:

  • Strengthen connection and communication between the board and its strategic committees, and establish processes to enhance the integration of the work of the committees into the Board’s communications.

  • Develop and document processes and practices related to advocacy and support and ensure these processes are communicated to members. 



The outputs of this project include:

  1. A strategy to address CFLA-FCAB’s communication priorities, including support for some initial communications to launch this work
  2. A content plan for ongoing communications outlining what information should be shared, with which stakeholders, via what channel etc. 
  3. Identified metrics to measure the effectiveness of communications for this initiative, beginning Q1 2024-2025, 

Subject to discussion, the timeframe for delivery of this work is September 7, 2024.


Interested parties please email with the following: 

  • a one-page outline demonstrating;
    • understanding of the project objectives 
    • outline of proposed approach for this project
    • a brief biography outlining skills, experience and education/training demonstrating qualifications to undertake this work
    • expectations for compensation