On February 1, 2017, CFLA-FCAB will be having our first Annual General Meeting at the OLA Superconference. At that meeting, we’ll be updating you on our progress over our first nine months, electing the first permanent Board, and setting out our direction for the year ahead. While only member associations can vote at the AGM, everyone is welcome to attend!

We have distributed a call for nominations to the Federation’s membership seeking candidates for the 2017 Board of Directors. Candidates will be reviewed by a Nominating Committee which will assemble a slate for election at the AGM. 7 Board members will be elected representing multi-sector associations at the regional level, 1 each from CARL/ABRC and CULC/CBUC, 1 representing a francophone library association, and 1 of Canadian Indigenous Ancestry.

We will also be presenting a financial report, appointing a public accountant, and receiving reports from CFLA-FCAB committees.

Voting information and procedures are under development and will be distributed to Federation members prior to the AGM.