Copyright Committee



The Copyright Committee:

  • Advises the Board on matters of national and international copyright policy and advocacy;
  • Recommends copyright-related policy and advocacy activities for action by the CFLA-FCAB Board and its member associations;
  • Develops and carries out copyright-related policy, education, and advocacy activities as approved by the Board, and;
  • Actively seeks out and identifies to the Board and member associations allies on copyright and related matters in the wider community;
  • Fosters and actively promotes collaboration and alignment on copyright advocacy across its member associations, the Canadian library communities, and other allied organizations.


The responsibilities of the Copyright Committee include:

  • To engage and liaise with existing committees and working groups within CFLA-FCAB and its member associations in order to maximize the efficacy and impact of copyright advocacy nationally and internationally;
  • To prepare for, and participate in (at the direction of the Board), advocacy directed toward affecting Canada’s federal copyright policy and international copyright positions;
  • With the assistance of the Senior Project Executive and others as required, directed and approved by the Board, to develop and promote positions, strategy, and supporting documentation on copyright policy and advocacy;
  • To review regularly, and confirm or update, CFLA-FCAB copyright and related policy positions and statements;
  • As required, to advise or represent CFLA-FCAB on copyright matters at Canadian forums and at international forums such as WIPO and IFLA;
  • To take the leadership role in instigating, designing, and providing source material for a section of the CFLA-FCAB website to be dedicated to dissemination of CFLA-FCAB copyright advocacy positions, education, and supporting documentation in order to promote and assist the copyright advocacy and information efforts of CFLA-FCAB, its member associations (and their members), and the public.

Procedural Rules

The Copyright Committee reports to the Board of Directors.


The Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary will be elected by the committee members for a term of two years, renewable.  The maximum term for the roles of Committee Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary is four years. Every effort will be made to ensure continuity of this executive by staggering the terms of these officers.

Members are nominated by their member associations and ratified by the Board of Directors.  CFLA-FCAB will invite each member association to nominate or re-nominate its representative(s) to the Committee as necessary.  Appointments will be made for two-year terms, renewable, with renewals staggered across two year periods (to ensure continuity).

Secretariat Support

The CARL Office will provide Committee secretariat support.


The committee will normally meet monthly between September and June, with additional meetings scheduled as required.


The Committee Secretary will keep and circulate a record of decisions.  Circulation will include all members of the Committee, the Senior Project Executive, the CARL office, and the Chair of the CFLA-FCAB Board of Directors. Members of the Committee may circulate these materials to the Executive of the member associations which nominated them.

Recommendations and Reports

The Committee Chair will submit recommendations and reports in writing to the CFLA-FCAB Board of Directors as directed by the Board.

The Copyright Committee Chair, or another representative designated by the Committee, will be invited to attend and speak at any Board session or Annual Meeting during which recommendations, reports, or other information from or related to this Committee are scheduled to be discussed.

Current Committee Members

Donald Taylor, Chair
University Copyright Officer
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia

Victoria Owen,
(OLA, Expert Advisor)
Information Policy Scholar-Practitioner
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Christina de Castell
Chief Librarian & CEO
Vancouver Public Library
British Columbia

Joshua Dickison
Copyright Officer
University of New Brunswick
New Brunswick

Susan Haigh
Executive Director
Canadian Association of Research Libraries

Alex Kohn
Assistant Librarian; Head, Office of Copyright Compliance
McGill University

Ann Ludbrook
(Expert Advisor)
Copyright and Scholarly Engagement Librarian
Ryerson University

Kayla Lar-Son
(Liaison to the Indigenous Matters Committee)
Indigenous Programs and Services Librarian
X̱wi7x̱wa Library, University of British Columbia
British Columbia

Nancy Marrelli
Concordia University

Katherine McColgan

Trish Mau
Assistant Director, Collections & Technology
Burnaby Public Library
British Columnbia

Joy Muller
Associate Director & Copyright Services Manager
Seneca College

Ebony Novakowski
Copyright Officer
Red River College

Brianne Selman
Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian
University of Winnipeg

Robert Tiessen
Librarian, Content Development
University of Calgary

James Bachmann
Instruction Librarian, Law Library
The University of British Columbia
British Columbia

Amanda Wakaruk
(Subject Matter Specialist)
Copyright Librarian
University of Alberta

Christina Winter
Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian
University of Regina

Laura Winton
(Liaison to CFLA Board)

Questions or Comments?

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