APLA is one of the most enduring library organizations in North America with a diverse membership representing all levels of interest and participation. The association’s mission is to promote the interests of libraries in the Atlantic provinces while fostering the development of librarians, library technicians and information professionals through cooperative efforts and the promotion of library interests.

Mandate of the Association

The objectives of the Association are outlined in the memorandum of Association as follows:

  1. To promote library and information service throughout the Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland;
  2. To serve the interests of all who work in the region’s libraries and for all those who are interested in library and information services in the Atlantic Provinces;
  3. To cooperate with library associations and other organizations on matters of mutual concern.

Mission Statement and Strategic Goals

  1. Regional Voice Role To structure and position APLA so that the Association can effectively serve its mandate as a regional voice.
  2. Communication To improve internal and external communications.
  3. Value of Libraries To promote the value and worth of the library and its workers.
  4. Interest Groups To improve the effectiveness of the interest groups.
  5. Continuing Education To develop an effective continuing education programme.

Our mission statement and strategic goals were adopted at the 1992 Ordinary General Meeting of the Association in Halifax, NS.


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