The Copyright Committee will advise the Board as to when CFLA-FCAB needs to develop and promote its library community’s positions on copyright; oversee the development of appropriate positions and supporting documentation and strategies; and foster the optimal degree of collaboration and alignment on copyright advocacy across the Canadian library communities.


The particular responsibilities of the Copryight Committee include to:

  • Engage with existing committees and/or working groups within CFLA-FCAB members to maximize the efficacy and impact of copyright advocacy.
  • Prepare for CFLA-FCAB advocacy in the context of the 2017 legislative review of the Copyright Modernization Act.
  • Review and confirm pre-existing CLA positions on copyright matters.
  • Recommend a long-term structure and direction to the CFLA-FCAB Board to pursue to address copyright issues related to libraries, including the formation of a permanent committee and programs, following the inaugural CFLA-FCAB AGM in February 2017.


In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the Committee will deliver the following with the support of the Senior Project Executive and others as required:

  • The creation and maintenance of a section of the CFLA-FCAB website dedicated to providing CFLA-FCAB’s copyright advocacy positions and supporting documentation to promote CFLA or members’ advocacy efforts.
  • Position statements or advocacy letters as need arises.
  • A report (to be delivered to the elected Board in Q1 2017) recommending a governance structure and further actions CFLA-FCAB should take to support its copyright advocacy over the long term.

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