As one of CFLA-FCAB’s top priorities, the Truth & Reconciliation is the first CFLA-FCAB committee formed. The membership of this committee spans all of Canada and includes representatives from our member associations and the library community.  The T&R Committee has a mandate until February 1st when a report will be delivered to the incoming CFLA-FCAB Board recommending further actions that CFLA-FCAB should consider to support Indigenous (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) peoples of Canada over the long term.

The Truth & Reconciliation Committee has divided into four teams with the following responsibilities:

  • The Truth & Reconciliation Committee’s Black Team is compiling Best Practices already in existence in regard to Indigenous (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) peoples of Canada. Monique Woroniak, Team Lead; Patricia Knockwood (Mi’kmaq) as alternate Lead; and Sonia Smith, Board Liaison is working with a team to accomplish their mandate.
  • The Truth & Reconciliation Committee’s White team is providing a gap analysis on the TRC Calls to Action to better determine what has already been done to meet the Calls, what needs to be done and how we can best undertake the action needed to implement the Calls to Action. John Pateman, Team Lead; Jenna Walsh as alternate Lead; and Paul Takala, Board Liaison will be coordinating the analysis work and recommendations for the White Team.
  • The Truth & Reconciliation Committee’s Yellow team is about creating relationship with existing committees & working group and liaison with the proposed National Aboriginal Librarian Association (NALA)  by the Aboriginal Policy Initiative, National Reading Campaign. Feather Maracle (Mohawk, Odawa and Potawatomi), Team Lead; Anne Carr-Wiggin, alternate Lead; and Trecia Schell will be creating relationships with the various networks already in existence.
  • The Truth & Reconciliation Committee’s Red Team is about moving to the future and the decolonization of libraries and library practices. As such, the team will be looking at Access and Classification, Indigenous Knowledge Protection, Outreach and Service, and Decolonizing Libraries and Space. Jessie Loyer (Cree-Metis) Team Lead; Michael Dudley, alternate Lead; and Donna Bourne-Tyson, Board Liaison will be working with fellow team members documenting the existing body of knowledge and envisioning the future.

For information on the medicine wheel being utilized, please visit the Turtle Lodge Journey of the Human Spirt at The Turtle Lodge is also caring for the Maury Stone from the International Indigenous Librarians’ Forum in a traditional manner on behalf of Canada until it goes to Australia in February 2017. More information on IILF & the Maury Stone is available at Elder Norman Meade was given tobacco and consulted traditionally in regard to process being undertaken.