Indigenous MOOCs

Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), developed by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Native Studies, that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada, from an Indigenous perspective.

Check out the tool kit below and encourage your patrons to join the next student cohort. New cohorts start every month! Check when the next enrollment date is here

The Indigenous Matters Committee of CFLA-FCAB, in collaboration with the University of Alberta, Edmonton Public Library, Northern Lights Library System, and Toronto Public Library, is providing Canadian libraries with online tools and resources to help support the delivery of this MOOC to the Canadian public through library programming and promotion.

Additional thanks to University of Manitoba for their ongoing support of the Indigenous Matters Committee.

You can find all the tools and resources here in this online kit!

About the MOOC
Activation Ideas for your library
Engaging with Indigenous communities
FAQs and additional resources
Promotional materials

UBC: Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

This is a free six week open online course offered by the University of British Columbia designed to promote self-paced learning. See for more information and the most recent enrollment date.

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