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Financial Support to Writers Position Statement

Acknowledgment - Canadian Library Association (CLA): Approved June 15, 1976 and June 14, 1994

CFLA/FCAB recognizes the cultural importance of Canadian writers.

CFLA/FCAB urges the federal government to maintain, and where feasible, to enhance financial support for writers who contribute to the Canadian cultural heritage.

CFLA/FCAB endorses the use of library data in support of appropriate programs which financially benefit Canadian writers.

CFLA/FCAB will cooperate with the federal government in the development and implementation of appropriate support programs for Canadian writers.

Interpretation of the CFLA/FCAB Position

  • In endorsing the use of library data in compensation programs, CFLA/FCAB is not recognizing any legal entitlement for library use; i.e. public lending right.
  • Canada's libraries are a key contributor to the successes of Canadian writing and publishing. The Federation asserts that library purchase and lending of books is, on balance, of financial benefit to authors.

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