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Position Papers

Adopted Position Statements

Position Statements Requiring Further Review

The following statements need to be reviewed and updated prior to adoption by the Federation, either because of the time that has elapsed since they were last reviewed, or because they focus on legislation that has been passed or updated.

  • Corporate Sponsorship Agreement in Libraries Position Statement – June 1997
  • Human Resource Management Practices Position Statement – February 1995
  • Internet Access Position Statement – February 2000
  • Position Statement on Florence Agreement – November 1977
  • Position Statement on Buying Around – June 1978
  • Cuts to Statistics Canada are Harming Canadians – October 2014
  • Statement regarding Federal Government Library Consolidation and Closure – February 2014
  • Joint Statement on Qualities of a Successful Librarian and Archivist of Canada – May 2013
  • Position Statement on Library Services to Linguistic and Ethnic Minorities – June 1987
  • Perspective on the World Trade Organization Meetings – November 1999
  • Position Statement on Public Library Boards – October 1979
  • Position Statement on Regulations Related to Bill C-32 Library Exceptions and Parallel Importation – June 1997
  • Statement on Social Media Monitoring of Canadians – December 2013
  • Position Statement on Special Collections Interest Group Code of Ethics – February 1993
  • Statement Regarding the Transmission of Unencrypted Data via Adobe Digital Edition 4 Software – October 2014

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