Intellectual Freedom Committee


Intellectual Freedom Committee Terms of Reference


  • Richard Beaudry, Committee Chair (Canadian School Libraries)
  • Richard Ellis (Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association)
  • Bart Lenart (Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians)
  • Sarah Meilleur
  • Brent Roe (Ontario Library Association)
  • Maureen Sawa (Canadian Urban Libraries Council)
  • Paul Takala (Canadian Urban Libraries Council)
  • Deb Thomas (Ex-Libris Association)
  • Tina Thomas (Canadian Urban Libraries Council)
  • Wendy Wright (British Columbia Library Association)


  • Alix-Rae Stefanko (CFLA-FCAB Past Chair, Ex-officio)
  • Rebecca Raven (CFLA-FCAB Executive Director, Ex-officio)